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Muskie Tackle
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Bucktails Bucktails
- A long time standard for muskie fishing and we have one of the largest selections available anywhere!
Crankbaits Crankbaits
- Since the beginning of muskie fishing, minnow action baits have produced a lot of fish. You will find lots of colors and sizes contained in this section.
Glide Baits Glide Baits
- The Glider is a cousin of the Jerkbait. Instead of the up and down action; the Gliders "Glide to the side" in a walk the dog fashion. Guide's Choice has a world class selection of handmade famous Gliders for your muskie arsenal.
Jerk Baits Jerk Baits
For over 60 years the Jerk Bait has been eaten by big muskies. The up and down action of this classic bait is the key presentation. It imitates distressed prey. Muskies are opportune feeders to these lures. Guides Choice offers a full complement of Jerk Baits.
Soft Plastic Lures Soft Plastic Lures
When fishing is slow, Guides turn to creatures and plastic jerkbaits. Versatility is key to fishing plastics, presentations include slow jigging in deep water structure or twitching over or around weed beds. Plastics are a consistent producer in all seasons.
Spinnerbaits Spinnerbaits
- Big muskies like weeds and bulrushes, this is where spinnerbaits shine. Single arm weedless construction and blade vibration of a spinnerbait causes weed exploding strikes. Every tackle box should have a few to fish the slop!
Surface & Topwater Baits Surface & Topwater Baits
- There is nothing that can stop your heart quicker than having a giant muskie explode all over a surface bait. This section has a wide selection of everyone's favorites plus some that you just might want to try!
Fishing Line Fishing Line
- A great selection of quality musky fishing lines.
Hook Files Hook Files
- Keep those hooks sharp with these premium hook files.
Leaders Leaders
- Custom made leaders designed by the pros at Guide's Choice Pro Shop!
Baitcast Reels Baitcast Reels
- Here's a great selection of the most popular muskie fishing reels available today.
Spinning Reels Spinning Reels
From ultralights to more massive open-faced reels for big fish...Guide's Choice has a great selection of spinning gear!
Split Rings & Pliers Split Rings & Pliers
- Looking for a way to "beef up" your baits? These Guides Choice Pro Shop exclusive split rings and pliers are just the tools you need.
Tackle Boxes Tackle Boxes
- OK...... you have a great assortment of muskie tackle. Now here is the perfect way to store it!

Online Catalog  >  Muskie Tackle
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