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Glide Baits
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Cobb's Countdowns Cobb's Countdowns
If you've been searching for a glide bait with a nice, tight action...stop looking. Jack Cobb's countdown lures are among the finest hand-made, wooden baits around. The paint job is exquisite in our custom white belly perch.
Fudallys Reef Hawgs Fudallys Reef Hawgs
- Quality lures from the makers of the famous "Reef Hawg". The unique action of this lure has been proven over and over again by the amount of big 50" plus muskies caught.
Gene's Premium Wyde Glyde's Gene's Premium Wyde Glyde's
These hand crafted glide baits have incredible action and durability! Great colors too! Gene's glide baits are easy to use and catch a lot of muskies year after year!
Hellhound - Esox Research Hellhound - Esox Research
The HELLHOUND. A solid plastic glide bait that's extremely easy to use. Slow sink rate, great belly roll & flash, with fish catching erratic action. A glide bait lover's dream!

Musky Magic Tackle Co. Musky Magic Tackle Co.
This great little drop belly glide bait is ideal for fishing over the tops of deep weeds, rock bars, or reefs. Works with short, gentle twitches and downward pulls to entice the gliding action of the lure. Available in hot color patterns for all water conditions and clarity. Excellent tournament lure!
Musky Mania Tackle Co. Musky Mania Tackle Co.
Pete Maina's Magic Maker gliders are taking the jerkbait industry by storm! Easy to use, they are built extra tough and are all individually tuned and tested. All lures come signed and numbered. Six hot colors to choose from.
Salmo Lures Salmo Lures
The Salmo Slider is a glide jerkbait that matches the size and shape of most baitfish. It can be jerked, trolled or cranked. Tantalizing side to side action really attracts the muskies!
Slammer Drop Belly Glider Slammer Drop Belly Glider
Slammer's Drop Belly Glider is one of the hottest jerkbaits! Click here for a selection of great colors to choose from!
Smith Bait Company Smith Bait Company
- For over 30 years Russ Smith has been building quality muskie baits. Excellent craftsmanship and fish catching color patterns. All muskie guides own many Smity's
The Undertaker by Blue River Enterprises The Undertaker by Blue River Enterprises
Blue River Enterprises makes one of the hottest Glide Baits we sell! Numerous big fish have been taken on this bait during the past season. The Undertaker has its own unique action and is made with only the highest quality materials. Truly a "must have" custom bait!
Viper Lure Co. Viper Lure Co.
- State of the art construction. Detailed finishes and action make the Viper Lure one of the most sought after lures for BIG muskies in North America.

Online Catalog  >  Muskie Tackle  >  Glide Baits
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