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Surface & Topwater Baits
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Crazy Crank Rumbler Crazy Crank Rumbler
In one short summer, five Rumbler prototypes accounted for over 60 muskies! The newest, loudest topwater out there!
American Hardwood Lac Seul Topwater Baits American Hardwood Lac Seul Topwater Baits
These awesome topwater lures are handcrafted from premium quality hardwood materials and have an outstanding pop and splash! Great color options and big fish appeal! These lures have successfully taken 50" muskies on Lac Seul year after year. They should also be deadly on Lake of the Woods!
Big Fork Lures Big Fork Lures
Big Fork Lures manufactures the famous Pappa Chubby surface lures. Available in two popular sizes and a great color selection. Tremendous throw back lure to following fish and dynamite on calm days.
Buchertail Surface Baits Buchertail Surface Baits
Joe Bucher's complete and famous musky and pike baits. Guide's Choice has all colors and sizes including our custom series.
C.C. Roberts Original Mud Puppy C.C. Roberts Original Mud Puppy
This is the lure that started the prop tail lure craze! The revolving rear tail section really churns up the water! Great musky appealing colors.
Gooch's Tackle (Tallywacker) Gooch's Tackle (Tallywacker)
The Wayne Gutsch original topwater classic bait.
Mouldy's Tackle Co. Mouldy's Tackle Co.
A favorite among topwater fishermen Mouldy's Tackle has been producing big fish for many years.
Poe's Muskie Baits Poe's Muskie Baits
Poe's manufactures two famous musky lures, the Giant Jackpot and the Awaker. These two lures have produced numerous large muskies and pike over the years and are offered in great colors!
Smith Bait Company Smith Bait Company
For over 30 years Russ Smith has been building quality Muskie Baits. Excellent craftsmanship and fish catching color patterns. All muskie guides own many Smity's.
Suick's Cisco Kid Toppers Suick's Cisco Kid Toppers
Cisco Kid Topper is back! Producing fish since the 1950's, the Topper still puts fish in the boat. Props on the front and rear of the bait creates gurgle and spitting action muskies can't pass up! Features two premium 2X 3/0 hooks. Great for calmer days.
Treadway's Wobblers Treadway's Wobblers
A uniquely designed top water lure made by Gary Treadway, PMTT angler and avid musky fisherman.
Ty Sennett's Tackle Co. Ty Sennett's Tackle Co.
Ty Sennett offers unique topwater baits for trophy muskies. The Pacemaker series of topwater lures already have a excellent track record on big muskies across the US and Canada. Unique rythmic sound and nice pop! 2 sizes.

Online Catalog  >  Muskie Tackle  >  Surface & Topwater Baits
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