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Fishing Line
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Spiderwire Stealth Spiderwire Stealth
Mono manageability and body with Spiderwire strength and sensitivity. Teflon pressure-treated microfibers that won't cut your rod guides. Provides improved knot performance and reducing backlashes and digging into the spool. Quiet and smooth casting superbraid. Nothing gets away from Spiderwire.

50# - $16.99

65# - $19.99

80# - $22.99 

Price:   $21.99



Power Pro Power Pro
Power Pro superline is manufactured using a special process called Enhanced Body Technology. EBT is more than a coating, it permeates the line so it won't peel off. Power Pro is exceptionally round and compact which allows the line to spool and compact better than standard braided lines. This prevents the line from burying into the spool. The smooth texture of Power Pro allows it to glide effortlessly through the line guides to provide excellent casting characteristics. It is extremely water resistant to prevent freeze-up in cold conditions. The near zero stretch offers bertter sensitivity and hook setting power.

50lb. - $14.99

65lb. - $17.99

80lb. - $20.99 


Tuf-Line XP Tuf-Line XP
XP line is produced under high tension to compact the fibers as the abrasion resistant coating is applied. This offers a more compact, smaller diameter line which packs on reels better and has almost 0% stretch. XP is made of green Spectra fiber.

50lb/150 yds - $11.99

65lb/150 yds - $11.99

80lb/150 yds - $13.99 


Tuf-Line Plus Tuf-Line Plus
T.U.F. line is made of 100% pure Spectra Fiber.This super line has only 3% stretch for solid hooksets and great sensitivity. It is U.V. resistant which lasts up to 4 times longer than monofilament and is 50% smaller diameter than the equivalent test mono.

50lb. - $11.99

65lb. - $13.99

80lb. - $15.99 


Cortland Spectron Cortland Spectron
Spectron line has very low stretch with a great strength to weight ratio. Spectron repels water and is remarkably limp for easy casting and more distance. It is abrasion resistant and the smooth finish will not damage rod guides.

50lb. - $17.99

80lb. - $22.99 

Line size/color:

Stren Super Braid Stren Super Braid
Advanced MIcro-Bond technology allows for a smooth, round, compact line that maintains its body and shape. Knots tie easily, bind tightly and won't slip out. Low visibility green color resists fading.

50lb. and 65lb. test : $18.99

80lb. test : $20.99 


Online Catalog  >  Muskie Tackle  >  Fishing Line
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